How it works and costs...




*  You will be working with a professional artist... each with a different style, technique and medium  

*  We offer a wide variety of outdoor workshop locations suited to your interests

*  We have convenient times and dates for 2 or 4 hour group workshops  

*  We also offer private and semi-private workshops tailored to your expectations.  We can accommodate larger private parties upon request

*  We supply all the materials you need as well as taking care of set up and cleaning

*  We use acrylic paints, watercolors and pastels for quick drying you can take your art or we can ship for a small charge

*  Weather permitting (except for locations that offer indoor painting)

 * All skill levels of are welcome.  Suggested age for all workshops is 12+

 * We will meet at organized locations.  You are encouraged to bring food, drinks, sunblock, and a hat 

*  We provide artist’s smocks, so wear appropriate clothes (they could get soiled)

*  Discounts for large groups and corporate retreat sessions, so ask for details

*  Talk to us about team building ideas.  You'll be amazed the fun team members will have on this expereince 

* Become a member today for $60 for 6 months you will receive monthly painters tips to guide you on your painting journey! 



   Costs... (please note when you check out there is a surcharge for credit cards)

Group workshops:  $95 for 2 hours and $175 for 4 hours per person.  (Minimum of 3 persons per workshop)

Semi-private workshops:  $175 for 2 hours and $325 for 4 hours per person (2 persons)


Private workshops:  $225 for 2 hours and $425 for 4 hours 

Large Private Parties:  $150 for 3 hours per person. (Minimum of 5 persons)

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